Monday evening, January 26, 2015

DSC_0871 DSC_0880

It’s back to the course’s regular schedule for the last few days of our interim.  Our lecture focused on Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, and Gregor Mendel.  Today was our 3rd and final “working day.” Then students were off to libraries or holed up in the common areas of our hostel where they have wireless internet access to finish up their primary course papers due at 5:00 p.m.  Everyone met the deadline.  This evening we attended The Mousetrap, a who-done-it murder mystery play that at 63 years is the longest continuously running play in London.  At one time or another, we all suspected each of the characters.  At the end of the play, we were sworn to secrecy to not tell anyone who did it.

Photographs: Several students working on their course papers; class photo outside St. Martin’s Theatre.


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