Dover, Canterbury, and Leeds Castle.

Well, the early morning was worth it. Waking up at 6:30 is never easy, especially for college students, but it was necessary for some of us in order to make our trip today. About half the group went on a tour today, in our own free time, to Dover, Canterbury, and Leeds Castle. Though there was a lot of driving, and not a lot of energy going in, the sights were incredible and the tour was well worth it. Walking up the path to Leeds Castle, seeing the gardens and the walls, touring through the cathedral at Canterbury, and seeing the white cliffs with France in the distance were all parts of this amazing trip. And through it all, we got to listen to our tour guide tell stories of the places we went and passed. To celebrate, and make the most of the day, we went to a pub for dinner, to get some classic English food. But this classic pub meal stayed with water for drinks #grouptame. Our day took us all over, experiencing England’s history and culture firsthand. 

Jean-Luc Garside


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