Tuesday evening, January 20, 2015

A-DSC_0761 B-DSC_0749

Breakfast, lecture, then off to three museums in South Kensington.  First, we stopped at the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Chihuly (world famous Seattle glass artist) blown glass chandelier and the plaster cast replica of Michaelangelo’s David statute (the only one outside Italy).  The brief stop was intended to whet students interests in possibly spending more of their free time there pursuing the V&A’s rich art holdings.  Next stop was the Museum of Natural History, a cathedral-like building of multi-colored marble of ornate architecture.  Students explored its vast holdings of fossils, diverse and extinct species, and mineralogy.  Our challenge was to explore our personal understandings of origins from the Genesis accounts with the evidence provided from natural science observations.  The third museum, the Science Museum, was optional, but is another first-rate museum to science that caters to K-12 programs.  The rest of the day was free time.  Students are gaining in their confidence to explore venues in London, and have little difficulty filling up their free time with wonderful adventures.

Photographs: Chihuly chandelier in Victoria & Albert Museum; Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton cast in Hintze Hall of Museum of Natural History


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