Saturday evening, January 17, 2015

A-Down House B-Borough Market

Breakfast, then off via private-hire coach to Down House in Downe.  The distance is only 18 miles, predominantly south of where we are in London, but it takes about 1¼ hours each way.  Down House is the home of Charles and Emily Darwin, purchased just before the birth of their third of ten children.  It’s where Charles Darwin did his research and writing, based upon observations and collections made during his voyage of The Beagle.  It is where he lived until he died.  His home has been made into a museum and is part of the English Heritage Foundation.  The home is on considerable acreage with gardens, a greenhouse, and a long walking path that Darwin did three times daily as part of his routine.

On our return to London, we were dropped off at Borough Market, a bustling, Saturday-only market of several hundred predominantly food and beverage booths, crammed under the train and road bridges by London Bridge.  Students ventured to try venison, goat’s milk ice cream, exotic cheeses, and a wide variety of treats.  Many have put it high on their list to visit again next week.

Photographs, L to R: A-Down House from the back; B-Borough Market.


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