Wednesday evening, January 14, 2015

B-Kings-Cambridge A-Cambridge-Trinity

We caught the Central Line tube to Oxford Circus, and the Victoria Line tube to King’s Cross Station for our 9:44 a.m. train departure to Cambridge.  Having arrived about 30 minutes early, we located King’s Cross Station Platform 9¾, and most of the students had a go at doing their best Harry Potter imitation.  Our train was an express train, arriving in Cambridge around 10:35 a.m.  We hiked several miles to the Round Church to meet David Berkley who would lead us on our Christian Heritage Walk through Cambridge University.  We saw many of the Cambridge University colleges, and entered Trinity College and Sussex College for closer looks, particularly at their chapels.  After our walking tour, we warmed up with a terrific lunch at The Eagle, a promi nent pub which features an RAF (Royal Air Force) Bar where airmen watered during World War II, and the place where James Watson and Francis Crick first announced the structure of DNA in 1953.

After lunch, students enjoyed several hours of free time to pursue further some of the colleges of Cambridge University, take in the sights, or do some shopping.  At 5:30 p.m., we attended Evensong at King’s College Chapel to hear what is arguably one of the best male choirs in the world.  It was inspiring.  Our return train ride was uneventful.  The day was cool and quite windy.  Everyone should sleep well tonight in the warmth of our hostel rooms.

Photographs, L to R: A-Window of Isaac Newton’s room & descendent of his infamous apple tree at Trinity College, Cambridge University, B-King’s College Chapel, Cambridge University


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